In conversation with Béla Boda, our innovative CTO

We are happy to introduce the founding team and leading experts of weCan! Read the first interview with Béla Boda and learn about our CTO’s professional journey, who has been in the industry for 17 years! 

What is your educational background?

Although I come from a small village in Borsod, I always knew that I wanted to study programming. I had been consciously preparing for my future on the field since I was a teenager, looking for physics, math and computer science courses in high school. I successfully followed through with my plan and got my bachelor’s and then master’s degree at the University of Debrecen in Computer Science and Mathematics, specializing in Enterprise Systems and Integration.


Where did your career path lead you?

After graduating university I started working at Neuron Software in Debrecen. I was young and wanted to know everything, I was eager to understand the big picture of the industry. My curious attitude and hard work won recognition from my bosses, allowing me to develop a project with ING, which I truly enjoyed. I spent nine years at the company, working my way up from Java engineer to CTO, serving clients like UPC, Alerant and Muzzia. Subsequently, I worked for the European Commission for one year to gain international experience, but returned to Hungary to work for National Instruments as a senior programmer analyst after my first child was born.


What was your most exciting commission?

Without question, my position as lead developer at the IT department of the European Commission in Brussels, where I worked
on a pan-European authentication solution. The main objective of the project was to create a solution capable of authenticating,
authorizing and delegating users in the member states and protecting central services. The code I wrote was passed into law, which as a young expert – I was in my early thirties – was an exceptionally exciting experience.


When did you join weCan?

I joined the team two years ago, in 2020. Our CEO, Benedek Tóth invited me to work with them on a huge project for a Dubai streaming provider with 3+ million customers. It was a challenge I truly enjoyed! The project laid the foundation for mutual trust and respect, establishing our successful work relationship. Ever since, I have been working as the Chief Technology Officer of the company, managing projects and leading our development team.


What do you love about weCan? Where do you see yourselves in 5 years? 

I love everything – the work we do, the community we’ve built, and the mentality that makes us truly unique. But perhaps the most valuable aspect of weCan is that we have perspective. I can see that what we’re building is sustainable and that there are new horizons that we can move towards. 

What we have achieved in the last few years already seems like a lot, but I hope that in the next 5 to 10 years we can increase our capacity and the size and quality of our clients. Our vision is to win major projects that are truly challenging. 


Who would you recommend joining weCan to?

Experts who can be flexible and creative in their problem-solving, who do their work with humble dedication and absolute professionalism and who are able to look at their job with a critical eye. These are the values we expect from developers, teams and managers alike, and it is this mentality that won us the trust of many of our clients.


What is your career advice for young professionals?

Start working as soon as possible! Find an apprenticeship, join a mentorship program, put your studies into practice.

Sooner or later everything will be Cloud based, therefore young professionals have to understand and master it. Software development is more diversified nowadays. One has to be aware of the whole development process, which is not taught at university, it is learnt in real life, through practice. Focus on that!